25 Year Comprehensive Plan

As the Town embarks into the 21st century, there are formidable challenges that lie ahead for the Town as its citizens are asking: What sort of place do we want to be in 25 years? Whereas all of the residents can certainly agree on what circumstances brought the Town to where it is today, there is the resounding question of where the Town will be tomorrow and how will it get there.

What the residents also agree upon is the desire to be in a community that is safe, clean and attractive, affordable, offers bountiful recreation opportunities and provides convenient access to shopping, jobs and other community services.

Key Themes

The North Wilkesboro 25-Year Comprehensive Plan process was born from both a cumulative effort of existing planning committees and local input from citizens using a myriad of data collection methods. Derived from these efforts, the following key themes were identified as being the core of this plan:

  • Community Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Environmental Resources
  • Land Use and Development
  • Population and Economy

This plan analyzes current conditions and issues facing the Town in an effort to address items that can be improved upon. It addresses how the Town will respond to State and Federal projects having a direct impact on North Wilkesboro and its surrounding area. Developed by input from citizen groups, community visioning meetings, multi-jurisdictional planning outfits, and other interested parties, this 25-year plan focuses on specific goals and the necessary steps to achieve them over the long term.

Plan Documents

Download and view the full 25 Year Comprehensive Plan (PDF).