Planning & Inspections

The Department of Planning and Inspections serves to protect the safety and welfare of the public and enhance the general quality of life for the citizens of North Wilkesboro. We provide quality planning, permitting, and inspection services through an efficient, professional, and courteous public process.


The department serves three primary functions:

  • Develop goals and objectives relating to land use and future growth for the town. The goals and objectives typically take the form of specific policies that are formally adopted by the Town Board and are encapsulated in the 25-year Comprehensive Plan. The staff works hard to coordinate citizen concerns into growth policy through open and transparent public processes.
  • Enforce land use development and building polices that are adopted by the Town Board; including, but not limited to, zoning and building inspections. Zoning is regulated and enforced throughout the town and the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) by this department. Building inspections are enforced throughout the town by this department. However, all building inspections in the ETJ are conducted through Wilkes County Building Inspections and can be contacted at 336-651-7303.
  • Serve as staff to the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment.

∗∗Due to COVID-19/Coronavirus**

Planning and Inspections – Planning services remain available, but with modifications. Applications for zoning permits, re-zonings, sign permits, conditional use permits, special use permits, and plat approvals must be submitted in draft form to for review. Comments and suggested modifications will be provided via email or phone. When ready, the Planning Director will contact applicants with instructions on how to attain official approvals. Turnaround time will be delayed.

Building code inspections will be conducted by appointment only, with additional safeguards at inspection meetings to maintain social distancing.  Email

If you have a Code Enforcement complaint please email 

Thank you for your patience.