Paddling the YadkinWe love our rivers and all that they provide us here in North Wilkesboro.  From quality drinking water to recreation our residents benefit from them.  However, living near rivers can be dangerous especially during flood events.  The Town of North Wilkesboro has adopted a Flood Prevention Ordinance through the Zoning Ordinance to protect our residents. The purpose and intent of this ordinance is to protect our resident's lives, safety, and health along with ensuring flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program is available for properties impacted by the floodplain.

Check out these helpful links: 

North Carolina FRIS (Flood mapping) 

NC Flood Website

National Flood Insurance Program

FEMA Flood Information 

FEMA Flood Map (Check my property)

Town of North Wilkesboro GIS (Flood Hazard Layer)

Floodplain Ordinance

How do I know if my property is within the floodplain?

Please contact the Planning & Inspections Department to verify this.  You can also take a look at our GIS website here. 

What does this mean for my property if I am in a floodplain?

If your property is within a floodplain additional restrictions apply with development on your property.  Please reach out to the Planning & Inspections Department to determine what permits will be needed before doing any work on your property.  
Floodplain Map 2021