History of our Watersheds:

Watersheds were created to protect our waterways and drinking water supply through the N.C. Environmental Management Commission and the Department of Environmental Quality.  North Wilkesboro has two watersheds in our jurisdiction.  Our Watersheds are WS-II and WS-IV and includes a critical area and a protected area.  North Wilkesboro adopted our Watershed Overlay Ordinance as part of the Zoning Ordinance on September 9, 1993.  This overlay district is in both our Town Limits and our Extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).  

How do I know if my property is within a watershed?

Please contact the Planning & Inspections Department to verify this.  You can also look on our GIS website to search: GIS Map

What does this mean for my property if I am in a Watershed?

If your property is within a watershed additional restrictions apply with development and impervious surface coverage.  Impervious surfaces include gravel, structures, asphalt, concrete and any other material that water cannot permeate through.  

Who can I contact to lean more?

Contact the Planning Director to learn more about this program and how it is administered. 

email: planning@northwilkesboronc.gov 
office: 336-667-7129, ext 3011

Watershed Ordinance

NW Watershed