Commercial Properties

NameSizeLandList PriceLease Price
401 Second StreetN/A1.58 AcresNegotiableN/A
800 Elkin Highway/NC-268N/A8.71 Acres$360,000N/A
NC-18 and NC-268 Commercial LocationN/A1.2 Acres$250,000N/A
NC-18 Commercial LocationN/A1 to 1.2 Acres   $200,000 or best offer   N/A   
Block 46 Building Number101,000 square feet   3.26 AcresNegotiableNegotiable
NC-18 Prime Commercial PropertyN/A11.356 Acres$549,000N/A
1201 Second Street, Suite A1,248 square feetN/AN/A$1,350 per Month
Commercial Property Highway 18 NN/A1.48 Acres$600,000 N/A
Food Service1581 square feet1.18 Acres$400,000N/A
Commercial Building and Lot Highway 18 N8320 square feet3.97 Acres$540,000N/A
Great Commercial PropertyN/A1.61 Acres$175,000N/A
Wholesale, Warehouse, Commercial48,500 square feet   N/A$900,000Possible   
Professional/ Service Property in Medical Park2,173 square feet0.66 Acres   $300,000N/A
20,000 sq. ft. Office Space adjacent to downtown20,000 square feet3.25 Acres$799,000.00Possible