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Dec 18

Loving Local

Posted on December 18, 2020 at 3:51 PM by Taylor Gann

Wilkes has so many locally-owned small businesses, stretching end to end across our 750 plus square miles of beautiful county. 

We've got farms producing home-grown beef, pork, chickens, honey, wine, hops, mead, granola and more. 

Craftsman making one-of-a-kind jewelry, frames, quilts, spirits, pottery and paintings. 

Want to knock someone out with the gift that keeps on giving. How about a beekeepers kit? Have a honeybee enthusiast in the family? Rossman Apiaries on 9th Street in downtown North Wilkesboro has all your beekeeping needs. 

Do you have a child that enjoys creating or just need to keep little hands and minds busy? Spinning Wheels Yarn and Creations on 10th Street offers crocheting classes and sells lots of supplies too. 

Gathering more than one household together this holiday isn't such a good idea, so you'll probably be dropping off or mailing a lot of gifts. What could be easier to mail than a gift certificate? Most of our small businesses, including restaurants like Dom Bakeries on D Street, offer these year round. 

Last minute shopping is best done locally too. You can skip out at lunch and grab something fun from Hallmark Quickframe on Main Street or something sassy from Under His Wings on Tenth.

Gift giving is made sweeter when you keep shopping dollars local. Money that stays in Wilkes helps create and retain jobs and supports public safety, schools, parks and recreation, trails and more. 

Happy Holidays. Shop Small. Support Local.