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Nov 24

A Simple Thanksgiving

Posted on November 24, 2020 at 4:58 PM by Taylor Gann

With COVID positivity rates and hospitalizations increasing daily, now is not the time to let your guard down. It's important to stay the course. Wear, Wash, Wait. 

It's tempting to want to gather with family and friends you've been missing over the last months, but even small get togethers may be big mistakes. Why not plan a simple Thanksgiving this year with hopes of a grand party in 2021.

The CDC recommends sharing holiday meals with household members only.  Fewer guests equals less stress and leftovers. Take this opportunity to share favorite family recipes with your kids and give them more responsibilities in preparing dinner. With a lighter work load and less table clean up, you've got time to enjoy a game of cards or perhaps Monopoly. 

If it's just you and your partner, consider having your Thanksgiving catered by a local restaurant. Sixth and Main and Brushy Mountain Smokehouse offer this easy, helpful and delicious service. Maybe try an exotic dish or vegan side that wouldn't normally fly with the extended family.  

While you may celebrate a smaller, simpler in-person holiday, you can still connect with other loved ones virtually using Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or Face Time. Or take it back old school and make a phone call. 

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.