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Seeing (parking) Spots

March 1, 2021 - Downtown North Wilkesboro certainly doesn't have a parking spot problem. In fact, we have 495 spots located in our nine public lots that offer free, long-term parking in a clean and convenient area. In addition, we have 100 plus two-hour on-street parking spaces that offer residents, shoppers and diners the chance for quick stops to grab a gift, to-go-order, or unload groceries. 

With more people wanting choosing to live downtown and building owners looking to add upper floor residential units, the search for a convenient spot to park and shop, watch a movie or eat out becomes more challenging. The hunt for elusive parking spaces can eat up hours per year, wasting time, fuel and patience. According to a 2017 USA Today article, motorists spend an average of 17 hours a year searching for spots on streets, in lots, or in garages.

So instead of wasting precious time looking for the closest on-street parking space, considering the nearest public lot. A little walking never hurt anyone. 

September 29, 2020

Mural Settings

Fall in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains is hard to beat. The cooler weather, clear skies and changing landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for exploring, and one way to do that - a scavenger hunt, specifically one involving outdoor art. 

Did you know there are over ten murals in downtown North Wilkesboro, ranging from Tuscan panoramas, restored ghost signs, history lessons, a nod to our musical heritage and more. Strolling the streets here is like walking the isles of a giant local gallery. 

There's the vintage Mountain Maid Ice Cream ad, two large Coca-Cola logos and a Lowe's Hardware mural, all restored ghost signs. All were brought back to life by local artist, William Vance Nichols, and can be found on D Street and beside the North Wilkesboro Police Department.

On the corner of Main Street and Gordon Avenue, you'll find a spot for angel-wing selfies, that includes a photo op for your favorite pooch. Further down the street, to the 500 block, is our newest addition - "Recycled Rooster" by artist Andrea Baldwin. This piece is located on a 100 year old business, Lowe Fur and Herb. It  was inspired by owner Myra Lowe who operates the recycling center, specializing in metal processing, scrap metal, trapping and hunting supplies and ginseng sales.

Every mural may not be "your cup of tea", but undoubtedly each one adds vibrancy and spirit downtown. Truth is, towns with bold public art expressions break the trend of blandness and sameness, and give us a stronger sense of place and identity.

Much of the funding for our murals was provided by the NC Arts Council, Downtown North Wilkesboro Partnership, the Kulynych Family Foundation, Wilkes Art Gallery, and other private donors. 

North Wilkesboro is a member of the Appalachian Mural Trail Association. Visit their website for a list of murals in Western North Carolina. 
mountain maid ghost mural
andrea baldwin's angel wings

Wilkes Art Gallery mural
recycled rooster mural